Victoria’s written research relates to the practice of 20th-century German artist Joseph Beuys.  She has written or co-edited a variety of publications on the artist’s work.

Academic Publications

Walters, V., 2019. Joseph Beuys and EURASIA.  In Tate Papers, no.31, Spring 2019 • Walters, V., 2014. We-Minotaur-Labyrinth-Root: talking transgression with Beuys and Bataille. In Rice, L. and Little, D., eds., Transgression: towards an expanded field of architecture. Series: Critical Studies in Architectural Humanities. Oxford: Routledge, pp.230-252 • Walters, V., 2013. Opening Up the Field: Joseph Beuys’ Anthropological Art.  In Johler, R., Marchetti, C, Tschofen, B and Weith, C., eds., Kultur_Kultur: Denken. Forschen. Darstellen. Münster, New York, Munich, Berlin: Waxmann Verlag, pp. 311-317 • Walters, V., 2012. Joseph Beuys and the Celtic Wor(l)d: a language of healing. Berlin: LIT Verlag • Lerm Hayes, C. and Walters, V., eds., 2011. Beuysian Legacies in Ireland and Beyond: Art, Culture and Politics. Berlin: LIT Verlag • Walters, V., 2011. There is Something that Death Brings to the Conversation. In Moving Between the Lines, Bristol: Wild Conversations Press, pp.86-87 • Walters, V., 2010. The Artist as Shaman: the work of Joseph Beuys and Marcus Coates. In Schneider, A. and Wright, C., eds., Between Art and Anthropology. Oxford: Berg, pp. 35-47 • Walters, V., 2010. Working “in the Opposite Direction”: Joseph Beuys in the Field. In Anthropological Journal of European Cultures Vol. 19 (2), pp. 22-43


Book Reviews

Walters, V., 2007. Book Review: Tok Freeland Thompson, Ireland’s Pre-Celtic Archaeological and Anthropological Heritage.  In Irish Journal of Anthropology Vol.10 (1), pp. 58-59 • Walters, V., 2007. Book Review: Gisela Holfter (ed), German-speaking Exiles in Ireland 1933-1944.  In Irish Economic and Social History Vol.34, pp. 122-124

Exhibition Reviews

Walters V., Exhibition Review: Dan Shipsides, Echo Valley/A Guiding Dilemma. In CIRCA online, 28th November, 2008 • Walters, V., Exhibition Review: Lucy Gunning, Quarry (Spike Island, Bristol). In CIRCA (Contemporary Visual Culture in Ireland), 106, Winter 2003, p. 71

Reviews of Victoria’s Writing

Hurley, P., Book Review: Victoria Walters, Joseph Beuys and the Celtic Wor(l)d: a Language of Healing.  In Journal of Visual Culture 2014 13: 244